You might have noticed that since getting to Florence, I haven’t been going off on any spiritual tangents.

Indeed, since leaving Assisi, those thoughts simply haven’t arisen again. That says something to me. In the future, I want to write a book about spiritual pursuits. I have a vague idea of how it would go. Perhaps Assisi would be a good place to gain inspiration for such a subject.

I’ve often said that I’ve been to three places that have had a big effect on me. There’s Bangkok and the Thai islands, which I go to for healing, there’s Paris, which points me towards the future (why? I don’t know! It just does! It inspires me to make plans and put them into action. It gets me thinking and active), and there’s Florence, which reminds me of who I am and what I do best.

Sometimes I need that reminder. When everyday life gets mundane and refuses to change, Florence helps me relocate my center and start acting towards my interests again.

So far, Florence has had me sleeping a lot. I guess a lot of things need to get sorted out in my head.

So, yesterday was my first full day in the apartment, and I spent most of it there, unpacking, doing my blog, shopping for food and drink and putting it all away, sitting up on the roof deck and reading, and writing my blog. It was a pretty ordinary day, only I feel more centered.

So far, I haven’t started working on my second book (whose subject will NOT be spirituality, but will deal somehow with the relationship between love and sex, and the hazardous effects of THINKING about both. These things just have to BE. You only ruin them by thinking about them).

At night, I called Frank and invited him out for the night of drinking and talking in Piazza della Passera that I had cancelled the night before. We got a space on one of the benches, and he even brought beer! I also got a mind-numbing negroni from the Caffè degli Artigiani in back of us (The caffè is named after people like Frank. There are a lot of artisans and artists in the area). Maybe THAT’S why I’m sleeping so much!

So, we just chatted the evening away and looked at the passersby (which included the local and very vocal drunk). An enjoyable evening, after which I went back home, and slept late again.

What’s up with that?

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