What perfect timing! I moved into my apartment just a few days ago, and today there was a heavy storm during the afternoon in Florence. I spent most of the day in the apartment. Normally a great escape from the hot summer days (it’s very cool inside when the windows are open), today I opened the windows, sat in the easy chair, and watched the rain pelt down on Florence’s terracotta roofs.

It was an uneventful day. I slept late again, which is very unusual for me. Something about this apartment makes me sleep deeply and long. I wake up feeling completely renewed in the morning, then I got to work on my morning routine, which is only getting longer here.

The only time I went out was for some food at nearby Pizzeria¬†Tot√≤, where I’ve gotten friendly with the staff. I whiled away the time reading there, then wandered back to the apartment in time for the rain to start.

I spent the rest of the day watching movies on my computer. The rain eventually stopped, but I was far too comfortable to move. Though the air in Florence was cool and pleasant that evening, it was still wet, so I decided to have a small meal at home.

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