Paolo! Paolo! What did you do to me? As you’ll recall from my previous blog entry, I saw Paolo Coseschi for an osteopathy treatment, and I spent the next day in a sleepy, lightheaded daze. I guess he moved around a lot of energy in my body. I’ll have to see him again!

So, in the afternoon, I wandered around the Oltrarno. Just off Piazza della Passera, I walked into the studio of the American sculptor Jason Arkles. Another sculptor and friend, Frank Rekrut, told me he was widely admired. He’s the only American sculptor to have his work on permanent public display in Florence. The work is called Apotheosis of St. Mark, markfulland you can see it at St. Mark’s English Church on via Maggio. That’s it on the left. Somebody I know who’s living now made that! Amazing, huh?

I tried to visit him last winter, but the door was always closed. Today, however, the door was wide open, and Jason was working on a marble bust. I found him to be welcoming and friendly. I introduced myself and gave him my card (which advertises my novel Extreme Music), and he immediately gave me an impromptu theory lesson on sculpting. I noticed he had three of the same busts in front of him. It was a commission, he explained, and when you sculpt in marble, you make a plaster model first that you can copy. You don’t want to make any mistakes on marble! The whole process was fascinating, but nothing I’m ever going to try!

I left Jason to his work and went to the nearby Gelateria della Passerawhere today they had the exotic flavor Sharazād (that’s right, the Arabian Nights chick!) It was creamy with a distinct rosewater note, if you can imagine such a thing (rosewater was indeed among the ingredients). Very exotic, and I guess it’s a new creation. It’s not mentioned on their website.

I also dropped by a sculpture studio belonging to an artist from New York who goes by the name October. I’d give you a link to her work, but when I do a search, only the month comes up! She’s located on via dei Sapiti, just off Piazza della Passera. She was at work on clay heads of famous people. She remembered me from last winter, but because she seemed so absorbed in her work, I didn’t stay around long.

After that, nothing! Tiredness was overtaking me. I hung out at the hotel for the rest of the day, getting work done and preparing to move into the apartment I’ve rented on August 1st.

By the way, today is Antonella Magliozzi‘s birthday! If you read this, Antonella, I wish you tanti auguri!



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