It was rough finding a place to post this blog today. The wifi at my hotel is intermittent, and Florence is one crowded city in summertime! The narrow walkways are carpeted with people. Even Santo Spirito is packed today, so I walked over to nearby Piazza del Carmine, where I found that the square’s wine bar, Dolce Vita, was completely empty, in spite of the loud Italian pop tunes emanating out of the establishment, so I’m out on the deck with a caffè macchiato and my computer logging in yesterday’s events.

Yesterday morning I went to an amazing local osteopath by the name of Paolo Coseschi (he speaks English, if you’re thinking of scheduling an appointment with him), to work out some kinks in my body caused by months of sitting in chairs that are too small for me and walking through doorways that are too low for me, such is my fate living in Japan. Paolo did some osteopathy and moxibustion, and the whole experience left me light-headed and wiped out. I slept at the hotel for the rest of the afternoon.

In the evening I caught up with Angela Tozzi, a friend who lived and worked in Japan ten years ago. She took me to a building with trendy wine stalls and snack food in or near the Central Market building near San Lorenzo for pizza and drinks. I gave her all the latest news on Japan, and we talked about my book (which she read! Thanks Angela!). She asked a lot of detailed questions about it, indicating that she’d read it pretty closely. I love having readers like this!

We made plans for the coming month. Angela is an easy person to be with. I remember hanging out with her the Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka, drinking coffee, and talking and talking and talking for hours. I’m looking forward to spending time with her. More on our plans as they occur.

The weather was very cool, and by the time we left the building, it was raining. Angela remarked that it was unusual weather for this time of year in Florence as she got on her motorino (poverina!) and took off for home.

I’m moving into my apartment on August 1st, so the next few days look like they’re going to be uneventful, but there’s nothing like a little dolce far niente while you’re on vacation.

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