Spent the day reading and shopping for books in Perugia, though I didn’t buy anything.

I was in Perugia last winter for 6 days or so, and it rained every day. Today it was beautiful, sunny, and breezy with no humidity. Being in an elevated medieval fortress town is like that, I guess.

I went to the nearby Feltrinelli bookstore and found about 25 books I want to read, but I won’t have time to read them all during my stay, and buying that many books would bankrupt me on this trip, so I didn’t buy any. I’ll certainly bring back a few before I leave, though.

You know, if I didn’t have to work, I could easily spend the rest of my life in cafes reading books that other people have written, and I’d be perfectly happy to do so. I’d consider that to be life well spent! I probably wouldn’t actually do it though, but it’s a satisfying possibility for me.

I saw this great shirt in a store today. It was a rich turquoise colored button-down shirt with long sleeves, but they wanted 100 euro for it. The weather in Japan and my job conspire to make me ruin a lot of clothes (all that chalk dust and marker ink), so I can’t justify spending so much for a shirt. That’s another reason to live here in Italy. I could wear nice clothes again!

I did a lot of reading today, and also went through the slides for my presentation tomorrow. I made plans to meet Andrea Ceccomori in Assisi at 5pm.

Tonight I ate at a place called Antica Trattoria delle Volte. I came here a few times last winter and got to know the staff. They were interested in my book, and are really friendly. I feel comfortable here. Had a really great risotto with porcini.

Tomorrow I’m off to Assisi for the day.

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