Okay, so I’ve dropped the ball with the daily blog.

The truth is, now that I’m in an apartment, I’ve fallen into a routine, which includes working on the new book (which I can’t say much about).

I really don’t want to write every day saying I woke up at around the same time and explain what kind of pasta I had for lunch and all that (unless, of course, it’s exceptional, and you have to know about it…always possible in Italy), so I’ve decided that I’ll blog once or twice a week for the rest of my stay in Florence (until September 10), then I’ll try to resume daily blogging until the dreaded trip back to Japan (and work) on September 17.

Here’s what I basically do: I get up between 7 and 8am and go out to the Oltrarno (usually), either to Caffè Ricchi in Piazza di Santo Spirito, or to Caffè deli Artigiani in Piazza della Passera. I sit outside and read the book I’ve brought with me (today it was Il nome della rosa by Umberto Eco. English speakers know it as “The Name of the Rose“). Then I go back home, take care of business, and do some writing on the new book.

I continue to meet amazing people every day.

First, there was Christine, a French teacher from France now living in Montreal who I was put at a table with at Osteria Santo Spirito (Oh, the perils of being a solo diner!).

There was Lisa Bencivenni, a Florentine now living in Naples who sat next to me on a piazza bench while I was reading and just started talking to me (life should ALWAYS be like this). She has an alter ego she calls Olivia Spaghetti (nice!). She told me she was a writer, her Behance page says she’s a photographer, and her bio claims  that “Olivia Spaghetti isn’t a photographer. She isn’t even a cook. She isn’t a guru. She isn’t a writer. She isn’t an actress, and She isn’t an artist.. Olivia Spaghetti is a WAY”). She has a great sense of humor and wordplay (can you say, “sopra la panca l’ippocampo campa”?).

And there was Sarah, an illustrator who I met this morning through October, the sculptor. She’s from Los Angeles, and she’s currently illustrating a book on how to build a mandolin. I happened to be in Piazza della Passera this morning where October decided I was being too negative about getting my book out there and started sending me positive energy, and Sarah showed up. That’s some powerful positive energy, October!

So, when there’s no blog entry, here’s what you can assume I’m doing!

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